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  • On remand from SCOTUS, 2d Cir says making Chubb’s claims against Travelers subject to 1986 confirmation order violates due process.
  • Debtor’s failure to fund self-insured retention (SIR) doesn’t excuse insurer’s obligation to fund defense costs above SIR.
  • 7th Cir. reverses Grede v BoNY: Caplin’s limits on BK trustee’s standing don’t apply to post-confirm. liquidating trust.
  • Can a man’s ch.7 case be transferred to his first-filed ch.7 affiliate’s foreign ct per Rule 1014(b)? This brief says no!
  • Philly News sues lenders to extend DIP maturity:says they are retaliating for investigation of "illegal" taping of pre-BK mtg.
  • Most notable point in oral arg on my appeal of GM sale: Harvey Miller saying filed proofs of claim total $129B & are mostly products claims.

May your Passover and Easter holidays be meaningful!

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