The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog launched on October 17, 2005 as the internet’s first bankruptcy blog. Five hits a day at the start (Mom, Sis, Wife, 2 Children), grew to 10, and slowly crept upward over the years. Then when the financial crisis hit, and people were looking for bankruptcy insights, this blog often ranked page one on Google for a myriad of bankruptcy related searches, leading to 8,000 hits the day Lehman Bros. filed and around 22,000 hits a day when Chrysler filed. To date, the blog has received over 1 million page visits since inception in 2005, including from federal courts in every federal district as well as the United States Supreme Court.

The blog was the first to tie the words “subprime” and “tsunami” together in March 2006. For several years, it led the field in providing initial insights into US Supreme Court bankruptcy decisions. It has been a place to share raw emotion, to share laughs, and to vent, and it has been a place where friendships were forged, right from the start.

By 2013, however, with bankruptcy blogs proliferating, my 4 kids in grade school, junior high, and college, respectively, and everyone’s attention span narrowing as time demands multiplied exponentially, I found myself increasingly drawn to Twitter, where I barked over 6,800 tweets, many of which included links to topical cases, articles, or news reports that interested me, and hopefully other restructuring professionals.

Then, early in 2017, I went looking for my blog, but it was gone!  Notices of the pending expiration of my blog’s domain never reached me, so the domain expired, eight years of content was erased in an instant (proving yet again that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as the English lawyer Henry De Bracton said about 750 years ago )!

It’s one thing not to blog for 4 years; it’s another to lose 8 years of content, 1,500 hours of labor, and have nothing to show for it! So I decided to relaunch the blog. Unfortunately, what everyone originally thought would be a simple reboot of content from LexBlog’s archives turned out to be a gargantuan task that took LexBlog’s unflappable staff five more months to complete as they painstakingly recreated the blog from scratch, link by link, post by post.

As for what the future holds, some blogs only aggregate content, others only create content. This blog has done both, and will continue to do so, though likely in shorter posts that succinctly make the point.

As before, guest posting is always available for professionals looking for a platform to establish their voice on bankruptcy and restructuring issues. Timely ideas always welcome!

Thanks for your interest!