As first noted here, I’ve been posting nearly daily on Twitter a bankruptcy case highlight or development that I don’t want to clutter this blog with.  RSS Feeds are also available, so you don’t need a Twitter account to access them.

Here are my posts for the week ended 3/22/2010:

  • Valukis report’s glaring omission-E&Y’s fate depends on how NY Ct of Appeals decides questions certified in Refco & AIG-
  • Oral argument set before Judge Buchwald in GM Tort Claimants’ appeal for 3/24/10, 10:30 am, Rm 21A, SDNY, 500 Pearl St.
  • 9th Cir reverses jdgmt for Anna Nicole, finding that TX probate ct’s earlier findings & legal conclusions were binding.
  • New blog post on Anna Nicole Smith’s loss on preclusion grounds in fight with Pierce over rights to J. Howard’s money.
  • 3d Cir rules 2-1 that Secured Lender has no absolute right to credit bid in a cramdown. Spirited dissent by Ambro, J.

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