As noted in this post, last week I started posting on Twitter, which has a 140 character limit per post.  These are my posts for the week ended 3/14/2010:

  • Judge Wedoff to decide on confirmability of a plan where the crammed-down lender can’t credit bid. Briefs here:
  • New blog post on SCOTUS’ free speech decision in Milavetz on this169th anniversary of Justice OW Holmes’ birthday.
  • 7th Cir-BK standing narrower than Art. III. "Person aggrieved" in BK must appear, object, & have pecuniary interest.
  • Judge Wedoff says he’d reject a plan denying a crammed down lender a right to credit bid, but the issue was moot bec the plan was withdrawn.
  • KERP denied on remand in MD BK Ct. bec of lack of competing employment offers. Asset purchaser’s offer doesn’t count.

Thanks as always for reading.

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