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  • Here’s the 2011 update to my upcoming PLI presentation in Chicago on 4/27/2011 entitled "Treatment of IP Licenses in Bankruptcy":
  • Judge Bohm analyzes at length in Skyport Global whether 15 shareholder counts are derivative or direct under Delaware law.
  • Bankruptcy Court in West Virginia claims "related to" subject-matter jurisdiction over (i) an attorneys’ lien dispute claimed on the unrelated bankruptcy distributions payable to a creditor in a bankruptcy case and (ii) the underlying fee dispute between the attorney and the creditor.
  • Read my latest blog post: "Justice Scalia Won’t Ransom His Principles to Grant Justice Kagan a Unanimous First Opinion"
  • Travails of my client in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune: "Dead Meat" – How a Chicago meatpacker got $8MM & went bust 4 months later.
  • Illinois Bankruptcy Court holds that a creditor lacks standing to allege that the fiduciary duty owed to creditors of an insolvent company renders the company’s debts nondischargeable in the director’s individual chapter 7; that duty is owed to every–not a specific–creditor.
  • Does the Absolute Priority Rule apply to individuals in Chapter 11? Yes, writes Andrew Balbus, Esq. of the Balbus Law Firm in Danbury CT.
  • 7th Circuit holds that directors and officers of an insolvent Illinois company owe fiduciary duties to its creditors, but the Section 523(a)(4) fiduciary exception to discharge would not be extended to render the company’s debts nondischargeable in the D&O’s personal bankruptcy.

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