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  •  BK-SDNY: Time spent by Deloitte in preparing billing & fee apps unreasonable at 8% of total time billed; Ct. awards 4%.


  • BK-MD:Ct lacks "related-to" jd. if tort claimants seek recovery only from ins. proceeds & not from reorg debtor’s assets.


  • ND-TX:No action ag. 1 syndicate bank for failing to fund bec fin agr breached when other banks didnt get unanim. consent.


  • BK-OR:No summ jdgmt on whether "swing-load" arrangements in nat gas industry are ordinary comm. transactions & not swaps.


  • D-LA: TX Bk Ct has JD over state court DJ action re if O&G lease was terminated before being sold to buyer in 363 sale.


  • D-CA: Exculpation & reimb. language in post-confirm. liquidating trust doc inapplicable given trustee’s gross negligence.


  • BK-DE:Parent’s agent’s grant of security interest in sub’s assets is enforceable if it otherwise satisfies UCC Article 9.


  • BK-CT: Neither comfort order nor §363(b) provide basis for retaining environ. consultant in ord. course, but §1108 does.


  • BK-AL: Colonial Bk Plan violates "best interest" test by paying expenses of plan committee in addition to plan trustee’s.


  • BK-PA:Secured creditor’s plan not fair & equitable if proposed sale of debtor’s property post-confirm. won’t realize FMV.


  • 9th: Attorney’s sanctions upheld for filing notice of removal frivolously & in bad faith to delay state ct. proceedings.


  • D-LA:Payments on electricity requirements contract not preferential bec payments were settlements under forward contract.


  • BK-NJ:"Collapsing doctrine" inapplicable to avoid mortgage that cashed out founder where no pre-existing creditors exist.


  • BK-SDNY: §108 tolling provisions automatically apply in Ch. 15 cases under straightforward statutory reading of §103(a).


  • BK-NC: Well cited opinion analyzes issues of core/noncore, mandatory & permissive abstention, jury trial rts, eq. remand.


  • BK-SDNY:Fairfield Sentry (Madoff feeder) foreign liquidators allowed to bring foreign avoidance claims in Ch 15 BK cases.


  • SDNY reverses §524(g) injunction favoring Pfizer in Quigley BK, holding product liab. claims aren’t based on ownership.


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