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In these and future Twitter postings, I’ll try and include some interesting graphics that I’ve seen of late.  This one, Sitting is Killing You, is from the Infographics website:

  • D-IL: Ch 7 debtor’s adversary re absence of tax liab for closed years isn’t justiciable where IRS doesnt assert claim due.
  • BK-NE: Extreme diligence by reclamation cr. to preserve rts not nec where sale order preserves & transfers rts to proceeds
  • BK-IL: Post-petition severance payment to ch 7 debtor mostly due to prepetition services & not exempt as unempl. benefit.
  • BK-IL notes split whether debtor can redeem property from tax sale in Ch 13 plan if redemption pd expires during BK case.
  • BK-CA: DIP loan to Ch 11 Trustee denied; record silent on benefits from funding or adequate protection to senior lenders.
  • BK-SDNY: Constr fraudulent transfer case ag Daimler dismissed w/prej; host of intangible benefits make claims implausible
  • BK-SDNY: Termination of swap agr. ok but agr’s lowering of distrib priorities to LBSF upon BK was void ipso facto clause.
  • BK-SDNY permits postconfirmation plan modification extending liquidating trust’s duration to continue legal mal. case.
  • BK-NJ:Invol. petition dismissed bec "under totality of circumstances" debtor was generally paying debts as they came due.
  • BK-NC denies sec. cr cram down: unfairly treats defic. claim; no indubitable equivalence in partial return of collateral.
  • BK-NC:Indubitable equivalence std not "mere preponderance" or "beyond reas. doubt," but like getting cash @ confirmation.
  • BK-TX: Well-cited Clark, J. op. avoiding constr. & intentional fraudulent transfers to business associates and attorney.
  • 11th Cir: Obvious that §525(b) permits a private employer to "deny employment to" an individual who is or was bankrupt.
  • D-NM: Core & "related-to" jd exists in O&G case, incl. over non-debtors’ disputes re O&G purchased from debtors.
  • BK-HI: Ponzi schemer’s payoff of original stock inv. isn’t restitution but a voidable distribution under HI Bus Corp Act.
  • 7th: Limited circumstances exist under which a creditor may bring an action in place of, and in the name of, the trustee.
  • 7th: Creditor can supplant trustee only when it fails to honor cr. priority & "unjustifiably refuses" to enforce cr. claim
  • BK-SDNY: Client bears risk of loss when atty. Dreier forged its signature to settlement agreement & absconded with funds.
  • BK-FL: Trustee doesn’t own alter ego claims where injury is specific to a creditor & not to debtor & creditors generally.
  • 6th Cir.: Dana shareholders adequately pled a strong inference of scienter against both the officers and the corporation.
  • BK-TX (Clark): Code § 505(a)(1) doesn’t confer subj. matter jurisdiction to decide tax liability issues of non-debtors.
  • BK-TX (Clark) examines core/noncore distinction in contract claims/counterclaims context when no proof of claim is filed.
  • BK-TX(Clark): BK jurisdiction encourages & rewards forum shopping strategies & ct cant deny relief bec of forum shopping.
  • BK-TX (Clark): Question in mand. abstention is only if case can be timely decided in state ct, not more timely decided.
  • 7th asks, but doesn’t resolve, the "open question" of whether a BK Ct may direct that assets be abandoned to a nondebtor.

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