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The cover image is from Howard Marks’ first book, published in May by Columbia University Press, entitled The Most Important Thing.  It’s a favorite of the Distressed Debt Investing blog, and you can learn more from it by reading this book review from a seasoned pro and this book review from an unseasoned one.  You also can view excerpts from it on’s website.  Alternatively, take Warren Buffett’s word for it; who said: “When I see memos from Howard Marks in my mail, they’re the first thing I open and read.  I always learn something, and that goes double for his book.”

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Bankruptcy Cases

  • Read my latest BK Lit. Blog post-US Supreme Court Bankruptcy Watch: Readying for Stern v. Marshall-A Bombshell or a Dud?
  • Tom Goldstein predicts Breyer op. & SCOTUS reversal for Anna Nicole. I agree, with a remand on 157(b)(5) issue (Tr.).
  • B-TX: Equity dilution & exprop. of value from equity for benefit of controlling SH may be direct, not derivative, claim.
  • B-FL: Dbtr cant shorten ch 13 plan term below applic. commitment pd. if ttee objects unless all unsec claims fully paid.
  • BK-SDNY: Cr.entitled to postpetition default interest ag. solvent debtor even though plan reinstated its loan per §1124.
  • BK-PA: Pitt Corning plan not confirmed bec channelling injunction covers indep non-deriv claims & plan not ins. neutral.
  • D-DC: Phillipine Airlines is stingy, w/shifty explanations for not paying Sununu’s fees, but it has no contract liability.
  • B-IL: Motion to dismiss granted on §523(a)(4) cplt ag. D&O under 2011 7-Cir precedent that a corp. fiduc. ≠ a 523 fiduc.
  • See “A Cram Session on Cramdown Interest Rates” by Adam Strochak on the Weil Bankruptcy Blog, w/ chart of 28 key cases.
  • BK-KS: Well-cited op. reviews relation back doctrine & stds for amending a cplt under FRCP 15(c) in an avoidance action.
  • 5-4 in Stern v. Marshall AFFIRMING 9th cir. Complete victory for Pierce Marshall. Roberts op./Breyer dissent. Op here:
  • EDNY w/draws ref of atty mal case so Ct can get familiar w/facts & law before trial & benefit of Magistrate involvement.
  • BK-SDNY approves WARN class action certif & settlement @ 17% of pot. liab. in postpet adv. for prepetition layoffs.
  • BK-UT compares & contrasts each element of the “good faith” purchaser / transferee defense under §§ 549(c) & 550(b).
  • B-MN reminds: A party isnt an initial transferee per §550 if it’s an agent lacking authority over the principal re funds.
  • Best summary I’ve seen analyzing Stern v. Marshall on Steve Sather’s Texas Bankruptcy Lawyers’ Blog:
  • Blog post-SCOTUS’s Bombshell Op. in Stern v. Marshall Draws the Line Ag. Incremental Erosion of Art. III Judicial Power.
  • Weil Bankruptcy Blog examines the admissibility of an examiner’s report under federal evidence rules and specific cases.
  • BK-DE rejects dismissal motion in preference case for lack of personal jurisdiction based on hardship & inconvenience.
  • B-IL: No sov. immunity to IRS in §544(b)(1) action on theory that IL law doesn’t allow unsec creditor to sue US for same.
  • D-NJ: Junior out-of-the-money lien is not rendered void under §506(d) as long as the underlying claim itself is allowed.
  • BK-PA: 30-day time limit in §362(e) doesn’t also encompass the time for the Court to reconsider its lift stay decision.
  • B-GA reviews split re docs req’d for assignee of large #s of credit card debts to support debt claimed in proof of claim.
  • 1st: Unsecured senior debt holders have no priority over juniors on postpetition interest accruals disallowed by BK law.
  • B-IL: Def. in post-confirmation action who’s not a creditor lacks standing to challenge Plan’s not reserving the action.
  • BK-KY: Focus under a Rule 60(b)(1) analysis of “excusable neglect” is the movant’s conduct, not the opposing party’s.
  • B-TX:Attorneys signing proofs of claim for clients put themselves @ risk of disqualification by becoming a fact witness.
  • BK-IL: Because 3d mortgage lien is wholly unsecured, it should be disallowed as a secured claim & may be stripped off.
  • D-GA: Notifying ins co, bank & Ch 13 trustee of postpet fire loss overcomes jud. estop. for excluding loss from BK sched.
  • B-IL:Reservation of preference action need not be specific & unequivocal to be preserved, but type or category required.
  • D-OH denies w/drawal of ref. over D&O claims after case pending for 1.5 yrs in BK, expressing concern re forum-shopping.
  • B-PA sua sponte equitably remands adversary ag. non-debtors from which debtor was dismissed to state ct. per §1452(b).
  • B-TN: Late payments arent ordinary per §547(c)(2) bec pre-existing relationship is short & most payments made in pref pd.
  • B-TX queries if treating a sec. tax claim per §1129(a)(9)(D) can create an impaired accepting class for lender cramdown.
  • B-SDNY recognizes circuit split re 15% calculation of “rent reserved” per §502(b)(6), but in SDNY it’s 15% of total due.
  • B-SDNY analyzes complicated damages for commercial lease per §502(b)(6), incl atty fees, fair rental value, addit. rent.
  • B-MT reviews dismissal when financially viable dbtr filed ch 11 to prevent entry of jdgmt & having to post appeal bond.
  • BK-IL: Broad reservation in Plan for so-called “Litigation Claims” really only reserved so-called “Avoidance Actions”.
  • BK-IL: Not including §544 claims in Plan’s definition of “Avoidance Actions” barred their assertion post-confirmation.
  • BK-IL: Qualification as a contingent creditor alone does not make one a party to the bankruptcy for standing purposes.
  • Listen to Peggy Noonan’s insightful early handicapping of the Republican presidential candidate hopefuls:

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