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This "Risk Map" is from SocGen and highlights the "Black Swan and White Swan" risks to the economy.  It was posted today on the Business Insider website.

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  • 1st: Mass. req’t to record routine extension to prevent mortgage’s becoming obsolete tolled by §108(c) until stay ends.
  • 4th-noting difficulty of issue-says §550(b) is a defense to an avoidance action that the defendant has burden to prove.
  • 4th Cir sets objective & subjective standards applicable to knowledge and good faith prongs of §550 transferee defenses.
  • BK-AZ: "Indubitable equivalence": must show "no reasonable doubt" that creditor gets full value of what it bargained for.
  • D-NJ: "Strip-Offs" & "Strip Downs" under §506(d) reveiwed: ch 7 lien not void if junior to lien exceeding appraised value
  • D-DE: Appeal of claims estimation & confirm. orders & rejection of admin priority rts. equitably moot under 3d Cir stds.
  • D-MD: Absolute priority rule requires market valuation, so exclusivity shd be terminated for filing of competing plan.
  • D-IL: §362(d) allows BK Ct to retroactively annul the automatic stay to validate a technically voided foreclosure sale.
  • D-RI: Per §105 BK Ct can sua sponte appoint ch 11 trustee despite limits of §1104(a), but std of proof required unclear.
  • D-MA: Town’s demolition costs to clear unsafe bldg / nuisance from Debtor’s property are admin expenses per Midlantic.
  • BK-IL: Plan cant be funded w/rents after stay lifted & bank enforces rts to rents to extinguish debtor’s interest therein.
  • BK-WVA: Bk Ct asserts related-to jurisdiction over bank’s adversary ag. non-debtor guarantors bec. of subrogation rights
  • BK-VT: DIP may use cash collateral for atty fees if services benefited secured cr. under §506(c); decision here deferred
  • BK-NE:Best interest of creditors test-§1129(a)(7)-requires non-consenting crs. get interest before shareholders recover.
  • BK-NJ: Bad faith invol. petition 4 factors: contingent claim; inadeq. due diligence; 2 party dispute; litigation tactic.
  • BK-PA: Of "paramount importance" in cramdown property appraisal under SCOTUS Rash is "intended use approach to valuation"
  • BK-IL: Actual & constr. fraudulent tsf. suit for worthless ins. premiums paid in Lancelot ponzi scheme survives Twiqbal.
  • BK-PA: When 1 estate is indebted to another, an actual conflict prohibits dual representation of both debtors by counsel.
  • BK-IL reviews what "specific identification" of a cause of action is req’d in a plan to preserve the action postconfirm.
  • BK-IL strikes preference complaint under Twiqbal as not plausible bec. tsf. not on account of debtor’s antecedent debt.
  • BAP-9: Wells Fargo lacks standing to seek relief from stay lacking evidence it’s a person entitled to enforce its note.
  • BK-OH: "The court’s disquiet is the increasing amount of professional fees in a small, local business case" Size matters!
  • BK-SDNY: Abandonment doesn’t revest the debtor with the ability to relitigate issues settled or released by the trustee.
  • BAP-9: Mortgage servicer lacks standing to file claim unless it shows it’s an agent of one entitled to enforce the note.
  • BK-TX: Comm. RE debtor near foreclosure given 2d chance on tight leash shortly after BK-TX dismissal for bad faith filing.
  • 2d Cir: Madoff ancillary litigation – Banks generally owe no duty to protect one customer from another customer’s fraud.
  • 2d Cir: Madoff litigation-Exception to bank exculpation if cust has trust funds in fiduc acct w/clear evid of misapprop.
  • BK-DE: Insuff. record to decide if publication notice in WSJ was "reas. calculated" to give notice to consumer mortgagor.
  • D-NJ: Subseq. transferee per §550(a)(2) cant be the entity for whose benefit the initial transfer was made per §550(a)(1).
  • BK-OR: Stipulated Inventory Order essential to precluding 363 sale from including commingled assets the debtor didnt own.

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