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The chart of What Stocks Typically Do After a 20% Correction is the "Money Game Chart of the Day" for 8/18/11 from a post entitled What Happens to Stocks If Profits Don’t Collapse?

 Bankruptcy Cases and Topics

  • DC Cir: Creditors’ tortious intf. cplt v. FDIC for misconduct in thrift sale was outside of FIRREA’s jurisdictional bar.
  • B-NC dismisses counts ag. lender for equitable subordination bec of meager allegations of control & inequitable conduct.
  • D-TX disallows personal injury claim of party that does nothing to comply with ADR procedures in Pilgrims Pride case.
  • D-LA: Whether lease allegedly terminated prepet. was sold in 363 sale is core proceeding that shd be heard by the BK Ct.
  • D-AZ: Make-whole provision on prepayment that’s a reas. forecast of harm for future breach isn’t unenforceable penalty.
  • D-CA denies FDIC-R motion for mandatory withdrawal of reference of dispute w/ Indymac BK trustee re rts to tax refund.
  • B-NJ reviews Circuit split & differing standards re whether a confirmed plan has extinguished a prepetition lien.
  • B-NEB: Agreement’s 10% purchase option (equaling 9% of total lease payments) is nominal, so it isn’t a true lease.
  • B-PA: Dbtr’s active concealment of prepet transfers warrants equitable tolling to allow Ttee to amend cplt to add tsfs.
  • B-PR: Failure to pay postpet. taxes is "cause" for dismissal per 1112(b)(4)(I) & no "unusual circs." warrant otherwise.
  • B-DE: Recharacterization cplt .survives Twiqbal; 7 factors favor rechar. as equity, 3 favor debt, and 2 favor neither.
  • D-FL excludes testimony per Daubert of accounting expert who tries to apply AICPA auditing stds. to non-auditing work.
  • D-MN:Circuits are split re right to jury trial on liability/dgs once debt found nondischargeable, but waiver found here.
  • B-NC: If UCC not found using Sec/State’s "standard search logic" then name error fatal to effective financing statement.
  • B-NH: Competitor buying claim for standing to offer competing plan & not just block Dbtr plan isn’t acting in bad faith.
  • B-NH: Advances of balance sheet neutral debt and waivers of admin/priority claims aren’t new value to support a plan.
  • MD-AL reminds that a suit for violation of § 524 discharge injunction can be brought only as a contempt action.
  • 7th-Posner-reviews stds of appellate nonreview of remand of case removed under §1452, incl for lack of supplemental JD.
  • 7th assumes w/out deciding that BK Cts can exercise supplemental jurisdiction over state law claims, but why would they?
  • B-MS cites to Collier in reversing order appointing patient care ombudsman bec doc’s med care monitored by Medical Ctr.
  • B-DC: Violation of § 542(b) by failing to pay debt or turnover deposits to Dbtr can’t be a basis for a contempt finding.
  • 9th affirms long Markell op. re subrogation; agrees that partner/co-venturer isn’t surety entitled §509(a) subrogation.
  • 9th disagrees with Markell op. that loan discharged via foreclosure wasn’t actually paid by subrogors under §509(a).
  • B-NJ reviews 3d-2010 op. re Rooker-Feldman reqts; finds R-F applies to state foreclosure jdgmts even if interlocutory.
  • 5th: Injunction ag. Wells F. for filing claim replete with errors improperly aimed at other cases and beyond Ct. reach.

 Topics of General Interest 

  • Wise & witty speech thrown by Justice Ginsburg in Cooperstown on the opening day of the Hall of Fame Induction weekend.

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