More reported bankruptcy decisions now than any time ever.  30-70 decisions a day being reported compared to 10-25 in past years, with probably double or triple the number of commercial decisions coming down than before. 

Below are my twitter posts of recent cases (and a few other off-base topics) that I think you’ll find of interest, and possibly even helpful to one of your current cases. 

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  • Excellent post on Weil Bankruptcy Blog by Chris Linden on the enforceability (and unenforceability) of "bad boy" guaranties.
  • SDNY affirms restrictive view of "customer" as defined in the SIPA & denies claim based on unauthorized stock purchase.
  • 1st BAP:§1322(b)(2) not altered by BAPCPA’s "dbtr’s prin. res." or "incid. prop." defs. nor bar to bifurc. of sec. claim.
  • BK-TX: Sanctions imposed for suit brought post-ch 11 confirmation but Ct only allows 13% of fees under lodestar/Johnston.
  • SDNY certifies WARN act class of 200 employees fired from Steve & Barry’s 24 hrs before filing ch 11.
  • BK SDNY: Senior exec. benefit plans to which a general reservation of rights didn’t apply require compliance w/§1114.
  • BK SD IL: Ch 13 untimely claim denied even if cr. lacked notice of bk filing in sufficient time to file a timely claim.
  • BK-OR reviews cases where state law tort/damage claims are preempted by BK Code (wrongful invol. pet, failed to redact).
  • BK-Conn: Claims ag. Bear Stearns for defrauding debtor w/mgmt belong to creditors-not liq. trustee-under Waggoner rule.
  • BK-ED La.: Judicial lien recorded in preference pd. avoidable but $100K appeal bond deposited with Court registry isn’t.
  • BK NM: Avg. payment time & range of pmt. days in year before filing compared to pref pd puts pmts. in ord. course of bus.
  • BK SD OH: If co-signor’s name doesnt appear in body of mortgage, mortgage isn’t enforceable ag. her interest in property.
  • BK ND Tx: Perella not entitled to full success/transaction fee in TX Rangers BK bec it wasnt principal architect of sale.
  • BK SD FL: Rule 9011 safe harbor period is mandatory & failure to comply (even by a few hrs) is fatal to sanctions motion.
  • BK SDNY: Absolute assignment of rents in loan docs prohibited, but lender’s affirmative steps can make assignment work.
  • BK SD FL: "Funds locators," as assignee of ch 11 liq debtors, denied right to unclaimed distribs that revested w/debtors.
  • BK ND IL: Dentists ch 11’s filed improperly to delay collection on jdgmt; filing attys barely escape Rule 9011 sanctions.
  • SDNY: Adelphia Recov. Trust lacks standing to assert sub’s fraudulent tsf claims bec plan paid subs’ creditors in full.
  • BK-AL reviews split re whether "well-pleaded complaint" rule applies in "related to" cases or only "arising under" ones.
  • SDNY wont certify for appeal BK decision-applying Chateaugay-that env. cleanup oblig. wasn’t a dischargeable "claim".
  • BK-MD: Stay relief motion insuffic. to informally extend time for filing nondischarg. complaint; no eq. tolling.
  • CD Cal denies as moot appeal approving buyback of ins. policies under 363, saying PW, LLC case is supportive, but wrong.
  • BK-AZ: Analyzes Till, new value exception, sep. classif. of deficiency, & ext. term in permitting cram down of sec. cr.
  • BK-SDNY: Judge Gerber tackles a party’s rights to lost profits and lost royalties under NY law for breaches of contract.
  • DCT-AZ: Subrogation rts. enforceable in bk re right to vote on a plan. Right of cr. to vote under subord. agr. compared.
  • BK-SD-CA joins other courts & rejects idea that a recorded mortgage assignment is unnecessary via the MERS alternative.

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