dog blog.jpgBaseball fever is running strong in Chicago if you’re a White Sox fan. Finally, the White Sox, winners last Friday of the first post-season anything in my–and my mother’s–lifetime, have given us long-deprived fans reason to gloat.

For us at The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog, however, it feels like opening day. First pitch honors go to Lexblog’s Kevin O’Keefe, who was instrumental in getting the show on the road sooner rather than later. Thanks much, Kevin! Great toss!

Today, with a month-long preseason finally behind us, we leave the friendly confines of Lexblog’s servers, with a few at-bats under our belt, now of record for all to see.

So how did this blog start? Well, many know of my personal obsession (spurred on by my legal learning role models Judge Diane Wood and All Star DH Attorney Dick (the “Mick”–and I’ve got the knees to prove it) Dannenberg) with staying current with developing case law. During this past summer’s dog days, as the “blog-o-sphere” gradually enveloped me, I decided that the world actually needed another blog–one that kept people current on complex bankruptcy litigation case law developments. So now, as cartoonist Alex Gregory aptly penned, instead of pointless, incessant barking, I’m blogging.

On this opening day, when hope springs eternal, I can only hope and pray that the good and merciful L-rd grants us at The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog the strength to keep the blog fresh, humorous, and informative for what looks to be a very long and challenging season ahead.

Thanks for taking the time to visit the site. If you decide to subscribe through email or RSS Feed, please don’t hesitate to try and boo me off the field, when deserved. As every Chicago fan knows only too well, that’s baseball!

All the best to you and yours,

© Steve Jakubowski 2005