Bankruptcy in the Blogs

Below are notable blog posts on topical bankruptcy issues of interest to the bankruptcy litigator and practitioner for the week ending 11/11/05. Enjoy! Meanwhile, Cassie and I are off to LexThink’s BlawgThink 2005 Conference, described as the “first of its kind two-day event brings together the largest group of legal bloggers ever assembled for two days of education, innovation, fellowship and fun.”
Most importantly, remember our veterans today, the 87th anniversary of the end of the war that killed or wounded 37 million and was naively believed to be the “war to end all wars,” only to be cruelly followed by a punishing flu pandemic the following winter than killed another between 20 and 40 million people. We, as Americans, should be most thankful for our veterans’ achievements, and our founders’ vision.Continue Reading Weekly Blog Roundup on Bankruptcy-Related Topics for the Week Ended 11/11/05