Many have anxiously awaited more updates to my BAPCPA outline.  But every time I’m about to turn to another section, some new decision, argument, or news bit distracts me from posting additional sections.  At the rate things are going, and given the increasing cacophony of case law, the present outline soon will become as dated as a baby boomer at a high school reunion.

So, with trees finally changing colors here in Chicago, I too have decided to turn over a new leaf and, in this last of 9 installmentsmake the entire outline available for your viewing (or soporific) pleasure.  Hopefully, it will provide those of you toiling in BAPCPA’s consumer trenches with a useful and structured platform from which to further analyze the issues you’re facing.

Given the nature of my practice and the competing demands on my time, it’s not likely that I’ll be updating the outline to accommodate the next year’s cases.  At the rate they’re coming down, including them all in an outline is as daunting a task as trying to herd cats or capture steam.  Indeed, the draft I had started already is about 50 pages after only a couple of months.  But, never say never….

Thanks to all for the great support you’ve shown to my efforts and best of luck in all your endeavors!

© Steve Jakubowski 2006