You have to check out JibJab’s new movie, Big Box Mart. Another JibJab classic. Get there early, because if the past is any guide, the servers are going to be overwhelmed with traffic.
This short clip makes you laugh at Middle America’s squeeze, but the reality is, it’s no laughing matter. With the US auto industry in peril (see, e.g., Delphi, GM, Ford, Visteon), hundreds of thousands of jobs are in jeopardy, and individual dislocations will be severe as union workers and middle management bear the brunt of the industry’s assault on costs. Present and future bankruptcy courts can be expected to enter orders in the next 5 years terminating pension plans and modifying collective bargaining agreements. With BAPCPA’s legislation about to go effective, these squeezed workers and retirees will find that bankruptcy isn’t the “home court” it once was for new debtors.
JibJab picked up on the coming squeeze of the middle class (with BAPCPA’s onerous provisions supplying some additional squeeze), and has created another gem.
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