9/18/08 UpdateWinner of committee counsel beauty pageant announced here (drumroll please).

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Following up from yesterday’s post, many are searching for a list of the creditors appointed to the Lehman Creditors’ Committee.  The US Trustee has just filed this notice identifying the following seven creditors that have been appointed to the Committee:

  • Wilmington Trust, as Indenture Trustee (Not Listed in Voluntary Petition)
  • The Bank of NY Mellon, as Indenture Trustee ($155 Billion in Bond Debt)
  • Shinsei Bank, Ltd. ($231 Million in Bank Debt )
  • Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.  as Agent ($289 Million in Bank Debt)
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland, PLC (Not Listed in Voluntary Petition)
  • Metlife (Not Listed in Voluntary Petition)
  • RR Donnelley & Sons (Not Listed in Voluntary Petition)

With all the late nights at Lehman, I’m surprised the coffee vendor isn’t on the list.

It doesn’t appear that the Committee has selected counsel, which isn’t surprising given how late the meeting went last night, according to this news report.

9/17/08 UpdateFollow up post on today’s events here.

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