Most bloggers report on events; few jump in themWhile I lost, I’m not done yet.  Here’s my statement of issues on appeal.  Here’s Old GM’s counter-designation, filed yesterday.

My Chrysler and GM posts over the last three months generated incredible traffic (around 100,000 page views since May 1 from about 50,000 unique sites), while my involvement in the GM case and appeal of the decision led to several media interviews and appearances, including this 20 minute podcast just posted on the LexisNexis communities / Bankruptcy Law Center webpage.  In it, I discuss the differences between 363 sales and reorganization plans, predictions of the "end of bankruptcy," why I got involved in GM, Judge Gerber’s decision and my appeal, why I started blogging, and the implications of GM and Chrysler for bankruptcies generally and the economy at large.

Thanks to LexisNexis’s Steve Berstler for the interview and to Erin Capellman and her colleagues at LexisNexis for making the podcast happen and for linking to my Chrysler and GM blog posts.  LexisNexis was the pioneer in online legal research and remains the premiere online legal research service.  And for those of you who are involved in litigation, get LexisNexis’ CaseMap and Concordance litigation management software.  We use these products in every litigation matter we’re involved in, and I can’t recommend them strongly enough.

For posterity’s sake, here’s links to some other media interviews and quotes I’ve given in the past month or so.  As for the experience generally, I concur with these two architects of the GM sale, who recently summed up the experience as "entirely gratifying … a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience."


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Thanks to everyone for reading, listening, or watching, and special thanks to the producers, reporters, and bloggers who made these interviews and appearances possible!

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