There’s an online subscription site, THE DAILY DAC, that is quickly gaining traction among bankruptcy and distressed M&A professionals by carving out for itself a niche in the underserved distressed M&A market for smaller acquisitions.  With smaller UCC foreclosure, receivership, creditor assignee, and bankruptcy 363 sales often closing within two weeks to two months from announcement, timely access to the available opportunities is critical for sellers and prospective buyers alike. 

For those wondering where to find information on these kinds of deals, THE DAILY DAC is the place to go.  The DAILY DAC capitalizes on everyone’s need for timely information in this market by obsessively searching daily for opportunities nationwide in distressed M&A and commercial real estate offerings and in public auctions (whether out-of-court or pursuant to court order) and then posting them online in a searchable database for subscribers.  Information is also collected and distributed twice weekly by email.  The $500 annual subscription, however, is probably the best bargain you’ll ever find at that site as it will pay for itself in less than one to two hours of professional or paraprofessional time.  A free trial subscription is available (and you don’t have to mention you read it here to get it).

With the encouragement and support of a strong advisory board (featuring well-known names in the distressed world), the website launched on May 3 of this year.  Here is a Q&A I asked THE DAILY DAC’s co-founder, Kristin Weber, to write for those wanting to learn a bit more about the site.

Thanks for reading.

[PS:  For the record, I neither received nor was offered a subscription or other rights for promoting THE DAILY DAC.  I have met the co-founders, discussed the site with them at length, offered some suggestions for improvement, reviewed the site’s content and goals with a Chicago-based advisory board member, and–in the end–believe it provides a valuable service in an underserved niche.]